Architectural Foam Blocks

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EPS is used for a variety of architectural moldings including crown molding, columns, capitals and bases, dental molding, balustrades, brackets and parapet caps. It can be finished smooth to look like painted wood or coated with a cementitious coating to look like concrete.
All types of architectural shaped foam products are available. StarRfoam Specialty Shapes are manufactured from our closed-cell, lightweight, and resilient expanded polystyrene (EPS). They are often used with exterior insulation and residential applications, and can be produced to your specifications.
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Foam Supply is a leader in residential and commercial architectural foam including foam columns, interior and exterior foam moldings, brackets and more.
Foam Express Inc offers architectural foam products in Ocala, FL, including foam sheets & foam blocks. For information on crown molding & window trim, call …
La Foam Manufacture Foam products for Plasterers, Contractors, Film Productions and Event Planners. We also specialized in Making props and Fire Place …

The fastest and most economical method to level the floor is to use pre-cut and tapered blocks of EPS to fill in the space.
Foam Blocks, Sheets & Spheres. Here you will find Styrofoam sheets, blocks, and spheres of different densities and sizes. EPS Foam Blocks · EPS Foam Sheets.
Architectural foam shapes » Architectural foam shapes are used on many construction sites. The material is effortlessly cut and molded to be added to the exterior of many structures. There are a variety of different coatings and treatments that can be employed.

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