Countertop Materials By Cost

Style file: A glossary of materials. Bamboo ($40 to $100 per square foot installed) Butcher block ($40 to $100 per square foot installed) Concrete ($60 to $120 per square foot installed) Granite ($40 to $100 per square foot installed) Laminate ($10 to $40 per square foot installed) Budgeting for them is important, and since the cost of various materials can vary greatly, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into … This consumer buying guide covers top 15 countertop options, along with each material’s pros and cons, and the average cost to install. Here’s a detailed look at the best countertop materials: natural stone, … Slate countertops cost roughly $100 to $200 per sq ft, depending on the …

HomeAdvisor’s Countertop Cost Guide lists prices associated with installing kitchen countertops including labor and materials, as reported by HomeAdvisor … Manufactured quartz is now the leading countertop material in the land, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. It surpassed … Read our expert countertop cost comparison article and find out what … Learn about the pros and cons of various countertop materials, as well as how much you … Appearance: What are the aesthetic qualities of the countertop material? Value: How does the countertop rank in terms of the cost of materials … On average, expect countertops to range in price from $40 to $100 per square foot installed, according to a 2013 report by Consumer Reports. Granite countertops range from $50 to $250 per square foot, while tile counters can start at as little as $10; butcher block at $30, and solid surfaces at $35. Granite Countertop Prices. Granite countertop cost: $45-$200 per square foot Click Here for a complete breakdown of granite countertop pricing. Maintenance costs: Moderate to high.

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