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lightly sand the wood. Sand the Wood. When you buy your unfinished cabinets, you will most likely buy either birch, or oak. remove any dust and apply a coat of conditioner. Apply the Wood Conditioner. Remove any dust and apply a coat of conditioner (Image 1). applying the stain. Apply the Stain. Begin applying the
Instead, stain cabinets to bring out the natural beauty of their wood … The process always starts out the same way, even if your cabinets are new and unfinished.
So you bought your unfinished cabinets and you’re excited to get started on getting them ready for installation. If you’re new to painting

Ok, raise your hand if the thought of staining unfinished wood makes you a little nervous. I used to be in the hand-raised category, but then one
If you have unfinished kitchen cabinets you can easily improve and alter the overall appearance of the room by applying a layer of stain or a glaze to them.
Mix your chosen stain well. You can experiment on some part of the cabinet that will never show if unsure of the combination of stain and wood.

You bought those unfinished cabinets to save some cash, and now it’s time to finish them. Nervous? Don’t be. Painting or staining unfinished
Buying unfinished cabinets can save you money. … This allows you to treat and stain all of the face of the cabinet as well as front and back of